Veritanism - Arkhos Winter

The world is a dark tunnel, and I'm trying to find the light.


Basics of Veritanism

My first book:

The Encounter

Published May 6, 2024: The Encounter

This book is in poetry form and describes my (metaphorical) encounter with a divine entity, who explains Veritanism to me.

Future planned books:

Late 2024: The White Book: My theory in textbook form. Will definitely be better quality than The Encounter.

Early 2025: The Great Game: My take on sociology and social factions.

Late 2025: The Promised Land: Explaining how to establish a new civilization.

Late 2025: Scams of the World: A detailed explanation of how most of the stuff you do in your life is pointless.

Late 2025/Early 2026: Letter to the Soul: My theory in letter form


What you can do
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